March 18, 2013

Arlington, Virginia, USA

Home sweet home! Nothing quite beats it! Arlington has been home for us since 2006. It’s the most highly educated county in the United States and along with great restaurants and low crime it also has great trails for running and biking and gives us easy access to Washington DC, where we both work (normally), and the Potomac river, where I sail and fish (unsuccessfully). My fastest record commute to my office in DC is 7 minutes so don’t let the Virginia bit fool you, we’re very close to Washington, less than 9 km from the White House, which incidentally is also one block from where I work (for another 3 weeks). Here is a photo of a 2012 backyard barbecue at our house.


We have a split level house with a covered patio and koi pond on a 1/5 acre lot. Here is one of our happy koi!


In May 2013 we will hand over our house keys to renters and take off on a 16 month adventure around the globe. The initial plan was to hit all seven continents but has since been pared down to five, in the interest of time, money and sanity. After all, we’ve already been to all six inhabited continents and the objective of this trip is depth, not coverage. We are off course nervous about handing over the keys to our most expensive asset to complete strangers but we’ve got good landlord’s insurance and a property management company that came highly recommended so that helps us sleep better.