Apr 11

Planting a Pakistani flag at el fin del mundo

by in Argentina, South America

Ushuaia, the Southernmost city in the world, lies at the tip of South America. The city likes to call itself “fin del mundo” which literally means “end of the world” in Spanish.

I stayed at the popular Cruz del Sur hostel in Ushuaia both before and after my trip to Antarctica. I saw many travelers had painted their country’s flag on the hostel walls, or in some cases thumb-tacked a mini flag to the wall. Since most backpackers are European, most of the flags were also European, with exceptions off course, primarily other South American and Western countries, and Israel – I have noticed Israelis more than any other nationality love putting their flags on things and places. To mix it up a little, using a green marker and some whiteout, I painted the Pakistan flag on the wall above the book exchange.

I think I found a nice, prominent spot for the flag.

A nice, prominent spot for the flag, above the hostel’s book exchange

I ran out of whiteout during the course of painting my masterpiece so the whiteout at the end was dry and granular. The brush also dried up and ceased cooperating so don’t judge me too harshly on it. Anyway, here’s a close up. Representin!

Pakistan flag in Ushuaia


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