Apr 16


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One of the larger cities in beautiful Tuscany, Sienna was first settled by the Etruscans around 900 BC. We saw many young people in Sienna as it is home to an important university, especially well known for medicine. It is also known for it’s knife and armour craftsmanship, although these items are overpriced beyond belief. They sold mass produced American brands in these knife shops as well and they were overpriced by 200%. My Benchmade lockblade that I paid $45 for in Arlington was being sold for close to 100 Euros!

We were misfortunate to see some very heavy rain in Sienna which prevented us from sightseeing extensively. However, we did get to enjoy the rain somewhat while sipping cappucino under a covered outside dining area with some of our travel companions in Piazza del Campo, regarded by many to be the most beautiful public square in Europe. The Piazza is also the site of the famous Palio horse race in which all the different neighborhoods in the city compete each year.

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