Feb 22

Livingston erupts

by in Guatemala, North America

It seems I narrowly escaped bad times in Livingston by less than a week. Apparently 1,500 farmers there have taken 30 police officers hostage and are demanding an arrested leader be freed or thay will execute them. Given how unsafe the city looked before and how many crackheads were stumbling about, I take it that it is very dangerous now that the police are absorbed with trying to rescue their own.


In other news, I played in a soccer game and a basketball game 2 nights back with the local San Andreans, went to a party last night that was thrown for the American kids where I saw children performing traditional Guatemalan dances. Today the CT highschoolers and MA teachers all left (seperately) which just leaves me and the Canadian couple currently volunteering. The schools has really come along. I think tomorrow the walls will be totally finished. I´ve decided to go to Tikal over a weekday and not a weekend so as to avoid a high tourist traffic day so I´ll work tomorrow.

Other than that, I´m continually dismayed with the manners of Guatemalan men towards foreign women. They make odd and somewhat obscene gestures and sounds when they pass by despite knowing that these women are volunteering time and money in their community. Since I am now very brown, they often think I am Guatemalan and when I walk by with western looking women, they congratulate me in advance on scoring with them and ask me to share the love with them.

I am almost out of money so will probably hit an ATM in Flores or Santa Elena real soon. Only 4 more days of volunteering to go. On the 27th, I´ll be sipping a mohito on my hotel rooftop in Antigua with Colleen.

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