Apr 04

Lease Signed!

by in North America

signing_leaseWe now have committed renters that we will be handing our house over to on May 1st. Actually, the property management company will oversee the handover. We’ll be in Asheville, NC by then, checking out the Biltmore Mansion, the largest private estate in the US, and then making our way to Nashville, TN the following day.

With the house out of the way, the car becomes the biggest item we need to offload. We listed it on Cars.com and Craigslist one week back and initial interest was strong, but it waned when potential buyers saw a tire bubble and one headlight with condensation inside, both recent issues. We’re getting both fixed now so no more buyers are turned off because otherwise the car is in fantastic shape.

Tickets, visas, gear, vaccinations, medical and travel insurance, farewell party…all are being arranged as we speak.

Tomorrow is also my last day of work and I have half a dozen things to wrap up. I’m sure I’ll be there late but then I really don’t mind because it’ll mark the beginning of a very long and exciting vacation.


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