Feb 20

Just a normal day

by in Guatemala, North America

Today was very ordinary. Got up early and walked to the site. The clouds didn´t give cover as they had yesterday and so the sun had me sweating profusely in both directions. I feel that my Spanish is improving and am excited by the prospect of knowing a new language that is so widely spoken.

Last night, the American kids played the San Andres kids in a game of soccer. The Americans fielded a team of boys and girls with a median age of around 15. The Guatemalans were all big guys that looked around 20. There were younger kids ready to play but the older guys who rode in on motorcycles like they were the Hell´s Angels wouldn´t let them play. In the end, the Americans played a good game given their situation. They sub´d a lot and played hard the whole time they were on the field. Every time a tiny freshman or girl of any age stole the ball from a Guatemalan, the whole stadium (maybe 100-150 people) roared in laughter. It was obvious those guys were never going to hear the end of it and this happened a lot. In the end the game was abandoned due to a power outage across town that left everyone in total darkness. The score at that point was 3-1 for San Andres.

I am going to try borrowing a camera from one of the Connecticut highschoolers so I can get pictures of the lake around where I am staying and my host family and their house. Pictures of the construction site are going to be plenty becuse so many of the children and supervising adults have cameras and they will post their pictures online. The cameras that I´ve seen in shops in smaller Guatemalan towns have been very low quality and ridiculously overpriced so I´m going to have Colleen bring our backup camera when she joins me on the 27th and in the meantime I´ll make do with borrowing.

This weekend I plan to go to Tikal and am looking forward to that. I´ve spent a little more than I had intended to on this trip because I travelled to Honduras which was unplanned and I also ate out a lot. However, Mr. ATM card is with me so not a huge problem.

P.S. – I´m upset that Purdue lost to Indiana but then the Pakistan elections went by without any major hitch so on the whole I´m more than happy.

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