Apr 16


by in Europe, Italy

Florence is a town with a great vibe! Much of this has to do with the huge student population, much of which is international. We checked out the city’s Duomo, the museum that houses the statue of David (which was quite unremarkable except for David) and took in a little nightlife with a group of American students we met one night. I learned that the piano was invented in Florence and that Florence has been called home by more famous Italians than any other city. This group includes the likes of Dante Alighieri (who was the first to write a book in the new language of Italian, his “Divine Comedy”), Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, the Medici family, Florence Nighting (pioneer of modern nursing), and the fashion designers Ferragamo, Cavalli and Gucci. The restaurants in Florence were above average. We also spent some time window shopping the jewelery and leather markets in town.

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