Apr 09

Finished with work!

by in North America

Last Friday was my last day of work. Today was my first Monday not working. We went on a long bike ride along the Potomac River, taking a break at Gravely Point to lay on the grass and watch the planes pass overhead as they landed at Reagan National Airport. It was like a cheesy romantic comedy. We also watched a couple of foreign movies on Netflix and I saw my dentist to make sure my chompers are up to the task of chewing exotic dishes for the next year and a half – whether it be fermented herring in Sweden, fried tarantula in Cambodia, beating cobra heart in Indonesia, or balut in the Philippines (you can Google that one – I’m not explaining it but I may eat it). ┬áIt made a ton of sense to have my pearly whites inspected while we still have employer subsidized health insurance because everyone knows to be without good insurance in the US is risking a real shitty time. Good news is my teeth are in tip top shape. Bad news is we lose our good insurance at the end of the month because as the title indicates we are now both unemployed.

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Last day at work

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