Feb 08

Feb 8

by in Honduras, North America

Last night’s BBQ party was great. It did rain a little but right around dusk, the outline of the clouds against the sky looked as if it had been painted. It was surreal looking. Later though the sky cleared and the stars were remarkable bright.

Today, I started the book/study portion of the open water diver certification. It is pretty technical and there are numerous pieces of equipment I need to learn to operate. That being said, the equipment has really evolved over the years and as a result, diving is safer now than ever before. The staff here at Cross Creek divers is great and very knowledgable as well so I’m in good hands. Tomorrow there will be more study and an exam in the morning followed by some equipment familiarization dives in shallow water followed by a 12-15 meter dive. I’m really looking forward to seeing the coral and the fish. Turns out sighting sharks is a rarity and its unlikely I’ll see one in the 3-4 days I’m here.

One of my neighbors in a German chap who has travelled extensively through Pakistan, including Peshawer, Quetta, Multan, literally everywhere but especially in the North. He made his last trip there in 2003 after the Iraq invasion which really surprised me but he said he never feared for his safety. The villagers were always very hospitable (the most he has ever experienced anywhere) and told him the “no go”areas which he would then avoid. Interesting chap.

Anyways, other than that the bugs are eating me alive but everyone else is also getting their blood sucked out. It seems everyone is used to this and just deals with it. It is common to be scratching your leg while talking to someone who is scratching their arm or neck. I have about 20 bites a day every day! Worse yet, the most common blood-sucker is this tiny fly that is not kept away by insect repellant so you have to coat your skin in baby oil so it can’t bite through. Thats all for now. I’ll update you after my first dives.

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