Feb 11

Feb 11

by in Honduras, North America

Today I had my most fun two dives. I saw a drum fish, a trumpet fish, a really big puffer and swam is some really beautiful reefs. I also descended to my personal best depth of 72 feet.

We also took our final exams tonight for PADI Open Water Diver Certification and I’m pretty sure I’ll pass with flying colors.

Other than that, I have some problem with some water in my ear that isn’t getting out and giving me some discomfort. The insects haven’t let up either so even though I’m looking forward to tomorrows final two dives, I’m also going to be somewhat glad to be off the Island. Next time I come here, I’ll stay in a hotel a little higher. The Sand Flies, which are what are predominantly biting me stay close to the water and the hotels higher up are not only nicer, but don’t have Sand Fly problems.

My plan now is to either leave Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. I should be in Guatemala City in under 3o hours from where I will catch a flight to Flores from where the director of the volunteering organization will pick me and take me to San Andres, also on Lake Peten Itza. There I will work on building a school and taking Spanish lessons during the week and maybe fishing and seeing the Historic sites on the weekends, especially Tikal.

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